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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbow Fish Crayon Resist

I wanted something that would let the kids work with metallic water colors and a crayon resist. The book "Rainbow Fish" not only dealt with the concept of sharing, but the fish shape is one that is fairly easy for primary students. Students learned to share materials, how not to have a bad hair day with their brushes, when to change out the rinse water, and how to carefully put their wet work on a drying rack. (See Animoto below)

Patterned Dragonflies

Zentangle seems to be the rage now but art teachers have always taught pattern as an element of design. These first graders watched a bit of a Zentangle lesson, sketched dragonflies from SMART Notebook, and followed along with me as I drew projecting with a document camera. I was not thrilled with the markers we had. Next time we will use bullet tip, not chisel tip. Some of the kids would have done a better job with thin markers but I didn't have any of those either. (See Animoto below)